Google: More than Just a Search Engine

Google: More than Just a Search Engine

For years, it's seemed like the only companies that were actually changing the world and how we communicate were computer and technology companies. When Google was found in 1996 as a research project, people didn’t think much of it. However since then, it has not only changed the world and how we communicate, but it has redefined several features of the internet. Now Google is reinventing itself as more then just a search engine, with new services like Google Maps, Adroid smartphones, Google Glasses and even a driverless car. Google has even developed its own catchphrase created by the community themselves… if you’re looking for something, just “Google It”.

Google Maps

One of the earliest evolutions that came about from Google was Google Maps, now complete with variations, including Google Earth. Back before google map technology people would use flat 2-dimentional maps on sites like Mapquest, which often featured complicated directions that would only lead to frustration. Google Maps gives people the opportunity to get a 3-dimensional look at their directions and where they’re going. Additionally, global enthusiasts can use Google Earth to get a realistic topography map of layouts around the world.


No one ever thought there would be a competing phone that would stack up to Apple’s still famous iPhone. But with Android powered by Google, Google has managed to effectively change communication. Many of the features and presentations of the Apple iPhone are similarly found on the Android. Additional features like Gmail, Google Earth, and several other applications have made the “Droid” stand out from the rest of the competition, and put it in the same ring with the iPhone.

The Driverless Car

The driverless car was a project created by Google several years ago, and they have even begun testing them on open streets in both Nevada and Arizona. What does it have to do with the internet and communication? Absolutely everything, from GPS to satellite internet technology. When you have the resources to make the world a safer and more technologically advanced placed, Google takes advantage of that.

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