Internet Explorer - Web Browsing Makes a Comeback

Internet Explorer - Web Browsing Makes a Comeback

Internet Explorer used to be two words that people dreaded hearing. With a slow interface that would often lock up Windows with more than one window open at a time, users were quickly flocking to other resources such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, Microsoft realized that their current browser had several issues that needed changing. At the same time, they didn’t want to offend their current loyal users who had spent so many years following them with every new PC they purchased. Internet Explorer 9 was a revolution that was appreciated by all, and the once powerhouse web browser has come back in big ways.

With add-ons available to every other browser out there, Internet Explorer quickly lost popularity when it only relied on its own features and there was no opportunity to expand on the platform. With IE 9, it became clear that Microsoft finally saw the err of their ways, and has added an option to implement add-ons for the web browser. Additionally, Microsoft has installed a feature that disables the add-ons by default, and lets you change the settings to how you see fit. This allows the browser to run just as fast, if not faster than competing browsers.

Additionally, you’ll find that the toolbar for Internet Explorer is much cleaner than previous versions. With large, easy to read icons to access your most visited pages and social media channels, guiding yourself around with IE 9 is easier than ever. The Bing search bar is a default feature that gives you quick access to searching the web without an additional toolbar to slow down your default browser.

Finally, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, like the rest of the programs in Windows 7, has finally ditched the annoying toolbar at the top of the window, and has gone the way of its competing browsers. Your settings are easily accessible with an icon in the far right corner of the screen, so nothing has actually disappeared on you.

The new Internet Explorer is a clean and easy to use interface that can be appreciated by everyone, and we look forward to the browser’s return to the common household. - Protecting Your Life
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