Keeping It Dynamic

Keeping It Dynamic

The more a company knows about each of it's customers, the better they can serve his or her needs. The beauty of today's dynamic content is not only that it provides an opportunity to learn more about each customer, but to make valuable purchasing recommendations as well. Amazon is a great example of an internet service that makes recommendations to customers based on past customer interaction. If a loyal customer purchases books that are primarily non-fiction, Amazon's dynamic content is able to recommend other non-fiction titles that are predicated on the genre of past purchases, for example. A number of internet businesses are employing similar recommendation engines with which to help anticipate future sales or customer activity.

As more companies begin to understand the concept of personalizing the online experience, dynamic content is becoming a major tactic in creating loyal customers and improving conversion ratios. Also referred to as “smart content”, dynamic content entails web or email content that changes based what we know about each visitor's individual interests and past behavior. The result is personal content generated in each promotional email or even an entire web page.

The effectiveness of dynamic content lies in the relevancy it presents to each targeted recipient or web visitor. Recent research bares this theorem out. According to Jupiter Research, recipient-specific emails generate as much as eighteen times moresales than non-dynamic content. In addition, the study demonstrated that individually targeted customer content generated a 20% increase in sales opportunities. Effectively, a database-driven campaign is a customer relationship management tool that nurtures excellent customer relations by offering his or her specific needs and wants.

By incorporating dynamic content into your marketing strategy, you are anticipating your customers needs and enhancing the experience. As the data on each customer's file expands, you are better able to respond to the reason they came for a visit in the first place.

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