The E-Mail Habits You Want To Forget

The E-Mail Habits You Want To Forget

E-mails have become THE ultimate medium to our messaging. Unfortunately, our efforts often end up having the opposite effect we are hoping for. The ability to strike a few keys and hit “send” have made many of us unaware that we are being negatively received. We’ve all composed e-mails that, in retrospect, we regret having sent. Many more are sent without even realizing that they contain glaring e-mail no-no’s that never get beyond the “delete” button.

The good news is that bad e-mails can be easily avoided by following a few easy steps before touching the “send” button. Refer to the following checklist, before your e-mails end up in someone’s trash bin.

Don’t forget the “Subject” line - blank subject lines account for many lost opportunities on the internet. Often regarded as an after-thought, subject lines instantly communicate the nature of your email. Many recipients will not click on an email without getting some idea of what it contains.

Use the “Urgent” tag judiciously - In an agewhere everything is urgent to someone, the “urgent" tag is overused. If everything is urgent, then nothing is.

Beware of typos in names - Misspelled names diminish your intelligence in the eyes of your recipient. Double check to make sure the name on every email is correct. If necessary, make a call to confirm the spelling is correct. No one will hold it against you for bothering them to make sure his or her name is properly spelled.

Avoid Mass emails - Mass e-mails never work, especially if you are asking for a favor. Most consider mass e-mails as junk mail and act accordingly.

Avoid un-necessary attachments - Any attachment coming from an unknown entity is treated with distain. Attachments are a common method for hackers to wreak havoc on a computer.

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