Tips for Creating Clean Code

Here are some simple and effective tips for creating clean code. These tips should help both new and old programmers and software engineers create code that is minimal, consistent and that meets the highest development standards.

0:00 Creating Clean Code Introduction
0:31 Minimize Code
1:05 Use Best Coding Standards
1:54 Be Consistent
2:35 Comments
2:58 Creating Clean Code Conclusion

Minimize your Code

Create ode that is clean and minimizedc. If your project includes special features and functions you should always reuse and keep the code consistent to minimize the issues and complexity that can follow.

Code Using Best Standards

There are numerous standards and tools your should strive to reach to create clean code. Online resources such as W3C for web development, ES6 for JavaScript development and many more are sure to get your development moving in the right direction.

Use Comments

Comments not only help you understand your code better, but they also help the next person to work with your code better understand it. Use comments that clearly instruct and direct.

Be Consistent

Be sure to bring consistency to your code. Keep your code consistent throughout your projects helps keep your project maintainable. These tips should help your build a project that is easy to grow, maintain and pass off to others. If you would like any assistance with cmaintaining your codec or have any questions visit us on our website at Contact Final Web Design or call (888) 674-7779 today.

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