Unlock Your mind - Designer's Mindset

Unlock Your mind - Designer's Mindset

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense”- Pablo Picasso

Whether our endeavor in life is nuclear science or web design, the creative process is applicable to everything we do. The biggest deterrent to creativity is being willing to leave our comfort zone. As creatures of habit, our tendency is to approach everything we do based on how we did it the last time. The challenge is to shake lose of what we “know” and discover a new paradigm. Of course, floating new creative ideas may sound crazy, and not wishing to invite the critical barbs of our peers, we hold back our creative juices and suppress the urge to think outside of the box. The truth is, some of the greatest ideas in history initially sounded crazy. Imagine the reception Leonardo DaVinci received when he described a flying vehicle powered by a corkscrew-looking device that was capable of free man from the shackles of gravity. Today, the iconic artist is credited with creating a prototype of the modern helicopter hundreds of years beyond its time.

Like all change, creativity should be viewed as a discipline, like exercise or learning how play chess. Results only come with daily practice and the willingness to learn something new. Here are some suggestions on how to stimulate your creative juices.

/>Learn Something New Everyday - Steve Jobs once said “Everything around you that you call life was made up of people no smarter than you.” Don't be adversely affected by the achievements of others. If you think you can't do something; do it anyway.

Everything is Connected - Creative minds are conditioned to identify the relationship between useless facts and turn them into connected ideas. Creativity is about making the connections no one else sees.

Become a List Maker - Regardless of lack of resources, good ideas are the first step in preparing for the opportunity when it presents itself. A list is the first step transitioning from an idea to a reality.

Don't be influenced by the Naysayers; Feedback is a positive asset. However, if we all listened to people who chronically say that “It can't be done.”, we'd all be sitting around thinking the earth is flat.

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