Web 2.0 - The Current Stage of Web Design

Web 2.0 - The Current Stage of Web Design

People love tossing around terms within the online world that make them seem smarter than they really are. Fact is, several of these terms can actually be quite useful to the success of your website, and you should take care to know what they mean. If you hear a term or slang being passed around quite often, be sure to do your research on it. Once such term that’s been around for some time now is Web 2.0. Now we know what you’re thinking, that this sounds like some programming term that is too complex for you to understand. We’re going to ask you to stop right there and allow us to let you know that Web 2.0 is vital to your success these days, with literally no programming required.

Web 2.0 is simply the idea of integrating social media interaction with your website. While there used to be no way to connect users with social media directly through your website, this idea has become somewhat of a standard practice for website owners, and if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, you’re certainly missing out.

Those little icons that you see around products that allow users to interact with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and so many other sites are exactly what qualify for Web 2.0. Being able to offer a social connection on your website is not only important for driving possible sales, but it gives you the chance to exponentially increase your brand awareness and exposure to new people who have never heard of your brand before.

Web 2.0 isn’t necessarily any specific programming language or platform, but simply a descriptor for the technology that allows us to share such things. This could be a plugin for your Wordpress platform, some javascript code, and even just a simple widget on your website. The important thing to take note of is that if you haven’t yet implemented Web 2.0 technology on your website, you have already missed the mark on the potential of your current website. Social connection is free and works to drive the masses to what you’ve taken so long to put together in the first place.

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