Worth A Thousand Words

Worth A Thousand Words

According to Alf Nucifora, an Atlanta-bases marketing consulting company, consumers are exposed to an average of 600 ad impressions of all forms each day. This represents a significant challenge for marketers to be heard above the din as it jockeys for messaging exposure to the marketplace. Infographics is a tactic that effectively delivers a concise message quickly through a visual display that leaves a mental imprint in the mind. Essentially, infographics is able to communicate directly to the unconscious mind even when the conscious mind is preoccupied with other stimuli.

However, infographics must adhere to a strict set of graphic parameters if it is to be an effective vehicle with which to communicate effectively. Here are some guidelines to go by when designing a spot-on infographic display.

Stay Focused - Don’t try to convey too much information. An infographic is most effective when you focus on one simple message. In order for graphics to work, the design needs to have clarity.

Keep it Simple - A properly designed infographic must be uncluttered. And remember, negative space is not your enemy. The eye navigates more easily in an uncluttered space.

Less is more - Don’t let the graphics diminish the message. Remember the objective is to display a clear message. An over-design can detract from the message.

Stick to the facts - In order for an infographic to be effective, it must be accurate. Keep in mind that the idea is to focus on one clear piece of information. If the message is inaccurate or mis-leading, that is the negative impression that the viewer will be left with.

Use Narrative - With an infographic, you are telling a story graphically, much like a primitive wall painting. The more salient the message, the more memorable it will be.

Follow these simple steps and with a little creativity you will be able to convey any message with style. In today's world images is everything so don't forget to keep this in mind when doing choosing you images.

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