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Authorize.net Payment Gateway:

Authorize.net is a security firm that handles credit card process across about 70% of all e-commerce websites online today. Your customers will be fully protected by the process that Authorize.net uses. Additionally, Authorize.net uses the latest strategies to prevent credit card fraud.

When you own an e-commerce website, you often find yourself trying to rely on certain payment methods that are web based, such as Paypal or Google Wallet. What you’ll also find is that while they only take a very small percentage of your profits, that profit eventually impacts your bottom line. Being able to take credit card numbers directly while protecting your customers’ sensitive data is going to prove vital to the success of your business.

When a user commits credit card fraud, if you don’t have Authorize.net in place you could face penalties from banks that are essentially insisting that you haven’t implemented the proper procedure to protect their customers. When a card holder is a victim of credit card fraud, they call their bank or financial institution to protest the charge. When the bank grants them their money back, not only do they take the money from you, but they charge an additional fee. So without Authorize.net protecting customer card numbers, you lose the product, the cost of the product, PLUS an additional charge that the financial institution inflicts upon you.

Authorize.net for Credit Cards:

Authorize.net isn’t just about protecting credit card fraud, but about protecting the transfer of sensitive card information between your website and your database. By encrypting data with top of the line technology, data cannot be intercepted by would be hackers, who know the ins and outs of systems that are used on a regular basis by e-commerce websites. Being able to protect this data is going to protect your name as well, which will prove effective in increasing your bottom line and keeping you off scam lists.

New Website Design & Development:

New Web Design

Have a new website you need to launch? At Final Web Design we understand you have unique business goals that require a professional website to represent your business. Having a professional website helps increase a businesses traffic, exposure and ultimately sales. Start building your professional web presence with the Final Web Design team today. Utilize our expert team and give yourself the edge to get a step ahead of your competition.

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Website Updates & Redesigns:

Website Redesign

If you are looking for a complete website redesign from the framework up Final Web Design is here to help. We know that your website needs leading aesthetics, modern user functionality, and a sales-driven message. By redesigning and updating your website you will improve the presentation of your business as well as generate a more user friendly online experience. It’s considered “best practice” in today's business world to improve your website on a regular basis in order to maintain a modern online presence.

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Leading Website Development Platforms:

Website Platforms

The community of web platforms is always growing and changing. Today, professional website development platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and more allow a business to build with leading technology for today's evolving web. Find out why CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms could help build your businesses online presence with a modern responsive online presentation. Learn more about the many different web platforms used to develop today's leading websites.

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PayPal Payment Gateway:


PayPal is the by far the most popular online payment gateway for sending and receiving payments today. For a small percentage, PayPal will can manage the entire payment process for their online transactions. PayPal is often considered the easiest website payment gateway option. For many small businesses PayPal is also a great way to streamline online sales between both your website, as well as auction sites like eBay.

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E-Commerce Website Development:

e-commerce web design

E-commerce websites should be easy to use, simple to manage and developed on the latest technology. A professional E-commerce website should incorporate todays leading techniques to help sell your business products and services. E-commerce websites with Final Web Design are developed with search engine optimization to help drive targeted traffic to your website. Using the most reliable and robust CMS platforms to custom design your E-commerce business.

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