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The Most Trusted Payment Processor Online

Authorize.net is essentially a security firm that uses the latest payment processing technology to prevent credit card and online fraud. Authorize.net handles credit card processing across almost 70% of all e-commerce websites online today. If your website accepts credit cards you should be implementing Authorize.net for it's security features and as a proven best solution for online security that uses the latest technology and encryption to prevent credit card fraud.

Authorize Payment Processor

If you currently run an e-commerce store you may have found yourself relying on popular third party payment solutions such as Paypal. Third party payment gateways will redirect your website traffic to their payment portal which processes the transaction. Ideally your stores online payment processes directly through your business website. Authorize.net gives you the ability to take credit cards directly through your online store while protecting your customers’ sensitive data and your payment transaction. Making sure your e-commerce store is secure is vital to the online success of your business.

Almost every payment processors takes a small percentage of your sales profits. With hundreds or thousands of transactions that transaction percentage can quickly impact your companies bottom line. Working with Authorize.net you are sure to be getting one of the best transaction rates available.

Authorize.net for Credit Cards

Authorize.net isn’t just about protecting credit card fraud but also about protecting the transfer of sensitive card information between your website and your companies database. Encrypting data with industry leading technology prevents data from being exploited by modern hackers. Most professional hackers know the ins and outs of popular systems that are used on a regular basis on e-commerce websites. Being able to protect your data is increasingly important when companies are experiencing increasing data breaches. Professional commerce security is vital to increasing your companies bottom line and keeping your website off scam lists.

Authorize.net Payment Gateway

If a user commits credit card fraud Authorize.net their to prevent your business from facing bank fines. that are essentially insisting that you haven’t implemented the proper procedure to protect their customers. When a card holder is a victim of credit card fraud, they call their bank or financial institution to protest the charge. When the bank grants them their money back, not only do they take the money from you, but they charge an additional fee. So without Authorize.net protecting customer card numbers, you lose the product, the cost of the product, PLUS an additional charge that the financial institution inflicts upon you.

Google Partners

Final Web Design is a trusted Google Partner agency which means that Google trusts us and so can you!

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