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HTML is the foundational markup language that creates the internet. HTML (or HyperText Markup Language) is used in almost all of today’s popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more. HTML has been around since the creation of the internet and continues to evolve with each new release. Modern web design typically incorporates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML is the Foundational Markup Language of all Websites

Various versions and upgrades of HTML have been released over the years. However, HTML’s foundations remain the same. An HTML document consists of opening and closing tags structured on a text document. The head of an HTML document contains the website’s title tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions which are used for describing the content of the website. The body of an HTML document contains the structural elements that are displayed  through the website browser. All HTML documents are saved with a .html file extension.
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HTML5: The Latest Version of HTML

The latest HTML release is HTML 5, which improves on the already popular HTML language with additional features for developing modern responsive websites. Internet advancements such as responsive design have changed the foundations of websites and HTML.

Clean HTML Markup For Better Performing Websites

Like most software and application development, having a clean and organized HTML code will help ensure your website performs at optimal performance. There are basic rules for proper HTML layout, which should be followed to ensure website stability.

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The Future of Web Design and HTML

HTML is a proven markup language that is here to stay. Even as the internet evolves into more smartphone and tablet use, HTML is still being used. Having a basic understanding of HTML and its purpose will help any business owner develop a more successful online presence. With some of the most professional and experienced HTML developers in the United States, Final Web Design is here to help. If you are interested in learning more about HTML development for your business, reach out to our team on our contact form here or call our team today at (888) 674-7779.

HTML: Free Video Tutorials

View our HTML video tutorial and learn more about the HTML. All Final Web Design HTML tutorials are created for HTML users of all levels. Check back often for new and updated HTML Video Tutorials.