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What is Good Web Design?

What is Good Web Design? Good web design is characterized by a combination of factors such as usability, accessibility, aesthetics, and functionality. It should be easy to navigate, visually appealing, …

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WooCommerce Add Product

In this video we will show how to add a product with the WooCommerce CMS platform. You will see a step by step process of adding an item and updating …

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Building A Business

Building businesses and online businesses is one of the best ways to grow your personal finances while gaining employment stability. Creating a business provides personal independence from unpredictable situations such …

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What are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins

In this video I wanted to review “What are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins“. WordPress plugins are add-ons that extend the functionality of a WordPress website. Some of the most …

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Is it Worth Becoming A Developer in 2023?

I am often asked the question is it still worth it to become a developer in 2023. The short answer is absolutely. The skills of development are some of the …

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What’s Working, What Isn’t – Website Audits

An essential component to effective internet marketing is in conducting an audit of your web site on a regular basis. A website audit is an …

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Remote Developer Update

Here is a quick updated video on my current status as a remote developer. This update includes some of my recent work, projects and even …

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The Messaging Paradigm

A well designed visual can be worth a thousand words in your mobile messaging efforts. The latest advancements in mobile technology, such as the new …

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Social Media: Decades to Come

In the early days of social media development, many marketers dismissed the innovative platforms as a flash in the pan that would soon be little …

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Rohrbaischaya18.com – The Rohb Bais Chaya Academy Dinner

Rohr Bais Chaya Academy is a girls’ high school that opened its doors in the fall of 2005. Our mission is to educate and inspire our …

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BottleNo30.com – World’s First Carbon Negative Water Bottle

Bottle No 30 is the world’s first Carbon Negative reusable water bottle that directly supports reforestation projects, delivers clean drinking water to individuals in need, …

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