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Marketing Sales Call ($1,500 Monthly Residual Marketing Campaign)

In this video I want to highlight a recent “Marketing Sales Call” that closed at a residual $1,500.00 every month going forward. This sales call will review a marketing campaign …

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Importance of Video Content in 2023

In this video I wanted to highlight the “Importance of Video Content in 2023” and why I think that video will be the most important content a company or business …

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What Most Clients Don’t Understand about SEO

In this video I want to cover “What Most Clients Don’t Understand about SEO“. SEO is an important topic when discussing marketing in 2022 and building a website that is …

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The Current State of the Business Economy

I wanted to make this video to look at how the business environment and economy has changed over the past few years in the business world. In this video I …

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Staying Cautious of Google Penguin

Last April, Google launched an algorithm update that fundamentally changed the manor in which many businesses operate their SEO programs. Titled Google Penguin, the algorithm …

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SpaceX – The Start of Private Investment in Space

Tuesday marked the end of a historical era for spaceflight, but also marked the beginning of an era for more exciting and possibly further reaching …

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BOSE QuiteComfort 45

View this new tech blog unboxing and review of the new BOSE QuiteComfort 45 headphones in our new video. This video will highlight what makes …

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Apps Need Intelligence Too

When evaluating app development, the primary considerations usually encompass a sound development strategy and fantastic design. However, an initiation of a competitive intelligence campaign can …

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Who is Technology Really Helping?

An emerging shift in how businesses are managed has created a disturbing, or opportunistic, trend depending on the role you play in the “New Economy”. …

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Adobe Photoshop: .JPG and .PNG Difference

 Watch this quick tutorial video on Adobe Photoshop and the difference between saving an image as an .JPG and .PNG. You can view this …

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