Managed Hosting

From: $14.00 / month

WHMC Accelerated Website Server Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting Server Features:

– Intel Xeon-D CPU
– 8 Core / 16 Thread
– 32 GB RAM
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– CDN (Content Delivery Network to Increase Speed)
– Unlimited Emails
– Unlimited Databases
– Free Backups
– Free SSL Certificate
– cPanel
– 50 Gigs of Storage

Managed Hosting is built with simplicity, affordability, and performance in mind. If you’d like to host with the fastest servers while receiving website and extension maintenance updates, then this package is perfect for you. All Managed Hosting Accounts receive a team of experts managing your websites environment around the clock. Keep your costs to a minimum, while enjoying the same speed, security, and customer service that is standard with all of our hosting packages. All Managed Hosting Packages include website CMS updates, extension updates, and plugin updates performed for all sites.

FEATURES: cPanel, Unlimited Email, Unlimited Databases, 50 GB of Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth & Free Back-Ups
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