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There are many choices when it comes to eCommerce development. There are out-of-the-box solutions like Shopify that are great for getting started; however, these types of platforms can become limited when trying to create custom functionality or website design. For this reason, our preferred eCommerce platform is the WordPress / WooCommerce system. It is fast to set up and has a lot of built-in functionality, but most importantly it can still be customized to no end. This includes perfecting your site for both mobile and desktop views. One of the main things that separate us from other Miami eCommerce web design companies is our commitment after your website is built. Our eCommerce hosting packages include everything you need to keep your website healthy. You get the industry’s best security with our firewalls as well as SiteLock Security scans daily. In addition, we keep your site backed up daily, so if anything were to happen, your site is always safe. Our experienced developers will update your website’s server and plugins monthly as well as make any small edits you need.

eCommerce Web Design Steps

Project Discovery
& Intake Process

Building eCommerce websites is a collaborative effort between Final Web and you the client. The first step is to set up a quick call to discover the elements (content, images, functionality, etc.) needed to complete the project in a timely manner.

Custom UI / UX
& Graphic Design

Our graphics design team is second to none, and we are here to make your vision into reality. We start with a custom home page / or requested template design. The template is designed in PhotoShop and sent to you for approval. Once approved, we will design the rest of the site accordingly.

Web Design & Development Process

After the design for your site is approved, our team will get straight to work turning your custom Photoshop designs into a live website. This will all be done on a private test environment that you can see with a password.

Quality Testing
& Delivery

Testing is crucial to ensuring the website quality of your finished site. Our team will comb through the site with a fine-tooth comb to find any broken links or other issues. In addition, we test your site on mobile and desktop to make sure it is displaying correctly on different devices.

Our eCommerce Projects

eCommerce Hosting, Maintenance & Security Services

The hosting environment you choose can affect the speed, security and uptime of your project. Final Web offers all-inclusive eCommerce hosting, maintenance and security packages that will make sure you don’t miss a beat (or a sale). Our servers are fast and we have layers of firewalls and backups, including SiteLock® security. We will even make small edits for you as needed. This allows you to budget appropriately as well as have some peace of mind.

Miami eCommerce Web Design
eCommerce Redesign

What is Responsive Design and Why is it Important?

With so many devices and screen sizes, everyone sees your website differently. Our job is to make sure your site looks awesome whether it is being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. To do this properly, our team creates custom desktop and mobile designs for every page. Our development team then codes each page individually. In addition to this, our quality control tests at the end of your project will test your site on each device to ensure it is ready before being launched.

Why We Use WordPress and WooCommerce for our eCommerce Websites

The WordPress / WooCommerce combination is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions used today. It is user-friendly, which makes it easy to manage. There is a ton of built-in functionality and add-ons, which means you don’t have to pay for building it from scratch. With the Final Web Design team and our coding knowledge, we can customize the design and functionality to suit our client’s needs. Another benefit is scalability. Any online business from small to very large can benefit from this platform.

WordPress eCommerce
Vue eCommerce

Why we use React & VueJS for eCommerce Apps

When it comes to building an app, there are technologies and framework options that work best. At Final Web Design we focus on React & VueJS because they are both lightning-fast, elegant and reliable. The almost instant load times and smooth transitions allow your customer to maintain focus and convert to sales. In addition to making awesome apps, React and VueJS can be used to make extremely high-performing websites that can be tied to your app. This gives you seamless communication through all your platforms.

New Website Design and Development Services

Do you have a new website you need to get launched? Our company understands you have unique business goals that require a professional website to represent your business. Having a professional website helps increase business traffic, exposure, and ultimately sales. Utilize our expert web development team and give your business the edge to get a step ahead of your competition online. Start building your professional online presence with our team today.

Website Redesign and Redevelopment Services

If you are looking for a complete website redesign from the framework up, Final Web Design is here to help. We know that your website requires leading aesthetics, user functionality, and a sales-driven message. Redesigning and updating your website, you will improve the presentation of your business as well as generate a more user-friendly online experience. It is considered “best practice” in the modern business world to enhance your website regularly and maintain a current online presence.

eCommerce Website Design and Development Services

eCommerce websites should be user-friendly, simple to manage, and developed with the latest technology. A professional eCommerce website should incorporate today’s leading techniques to help sell your business products and services. All our eCommerce websites are developed with search engine optimization to help drive targeted traffic to your site. We are using the most reliable and robust CMS platforms to custom design your online commerce business.

Website Development
CMS's and Platforms

The community of web platforms is always growing and changing. Today, professional website development platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento allow a business to build with leading technology for today’s evolving web. Find out why CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms could help grow your business’s online presence with a new responsive online presentation. Learn more about the different web platforms used to develop the internets leading websites.