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A meta description is a short paragraph, usually a sentence or two, that describes the overall content of your web page. A well-written meta description contains proper keywords and lets the search engines know what the page is about. Every page of your website should have its unique meta description.

Developers often disregard meta descriptions optimization for the fact that it can take more time to write exclusive content for every webpage. Meta descriptions are often tied to a search users experience and hold high value when it comes to how a user sees your search engine results displayed on search engines. Follow these simple steps to help ensure you're creating meta descriptions the promote sales and drive organic search visitors.

0:00 Meta Descriptions Overview
0:34 What Are Meta Descriptions?
1:05 Meta Description Examples
2:15 Meta Description Implementation
3:22 Meta Description Wrap-up

There are several plugins available within all website platforms that allow you to change meta descriptions with a few keystrokes. By using generic terminology and the names of your posts, categories, or items, you can fill in all meta descriptions without having to go through them one by one. Most of these plugins are free and easy to use. Do your research on the content you already have on the site to make sure that how you fill in bulk meta description templates doesn’t lead to an odd description that doesn’t read correctly.

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