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Quality and Informative Content that Delivers

Google's recent search algorithm updates have put in place several content changes that are designed to achieve maximum relevancy and positive user experience with every landing page that ends up on Google's organic search engine results.

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The Number One Rule of Content and SEO

  1. If you've seen your traffic volume fall, you may be a victim or poor content on your website. Keyword stuffed articles that have no real value to any user are likely to be pushed to the bottom of Google search results… if there is a bottom, that is. However, in the end, content is still king when it comes to the spiders that crawl your site for Google's search engine. Here are a few tips to help you with excellent content writing, so you don't make the same mistake twice.
  2. At the bottom of several landing pages are buy now buttons. However, Google recognizes when an entire website has no main landing page that does more than selling the customer. Customers want information fast, with the option to purchase. The data they desire needs to be prevalent throughout several pages, and Google recognizes that. If your content contains words like "Buy," "Purchase," or "Act Now," you may find yourself hurting a little bit in your organic traffic lately.
  3. Good content writing isn't about stuffing your page full of keywords, so Google recognizes it and puts it to the top of its search engine results. Take the time to write a quality article that doesn't read like a machine, but rather like a human, to inform people on the subject, they are searching. If Google catches you keyword stuffing, they'll severely penalize your website, and those are rankings you may not be able to get back.

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Content is Always King of SEO and Organic Search

Putting hidden keywords in your pages is bad SEO practice. Believe it or not, Google is superior when it comes to catching these black-hat little tricks. Don't ruin good content writing by using black-hat techniques that could only do more harm than good.

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Final Web Design is a Trusted Google Partner Agency which means that Google Trusts us and so can you!

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