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Develop a Powerful Website with the WordPress CMS Platform

WordPress is the most popular content management system used by businesses large and small. Since WordPress's initial release in 2003, the CMS has evolved into one of the most powerful web platforms online. Originally WordPress was released for bloggers; however, WordPress has evolved into a complete web solution for many of today's largest and most popular websites. The internet is built and powered by millions of WordPress websites. Let's break down some of the reasons that make WordPress one of the webs leading CMS platforms.

The WordPress (CMS) Content Management System has been around for several years, but only recently has WordPress been recognized as an industry leader for web development. The WordPress CMS offers the ability to install and utilize several different themes and templates, pre-developed and available from other developers. Most WordPress themes are installed through the WordPress extension section, then configure to meet your business requirements. WordPress is often considered more simple than most customs coded websites and is used on an estimated 80% of the sites on the internet.

Wordpress Development

WordPress is one of the Most Powerful CMS Platforms Available

WordPress is built on the PHP framework, which allows for dynamic custom design and development. Many developers around the world use WordPress for its massive library of template, extensions, and plugins developed by users from around the world. Its open-source availability makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to work with the platform. Setting up a new WordPress can be done by downloading the free installation files at WordPress.org.

Wordpress Media

WordPress is Very Professional and Powerful

Modern WordPress releases offer the convenience of responsive design, which allows websites to be optimized for display on mobile and smartphones.  Once you’ve got WordPress and your template of choice installed, it’s time to configure your CMS. You’ll want to change things like logos, URL structure, content and more. Also, take the time to install plugins that will adapt to the needs that you’re looking for, including social media buttons that help link your website to your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

Wordpress Design

The WordPress CMS Offers Powerful Performance and Functionality

One of the most powerful aspects of WordPress is that you can always update and evolve your website in the future. The platform's constant updates allow businesses to grow and change with modern technology such as tablets and smartphones. Find out what makes WordPress one of the most powerful CMS platforms on the market by contacting the Final Web Design team today at (888) 674-7779.

WordPress: Free Video Tutorials

View our WordPress video tutorial and learn more about the WordPress CMS. All Final Web Design WordPress tutorials are created for WordPress users of all levels. Check back often for new and updated WordPress Video Tutorials.

WordPress: Free Video Tutorials

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