GoPro Lays Off Hundreds of Employees

GoPro the action camera manufacture annouces layoff of hundreds of employees in a last moment attempt to bring the company on a rebound from decreasing sales.. GoPro has faced difficulties as the leader in the action camera market as more manufactures join the market with more affordable products. Broadening has been an essential piece of the CEO Nick Woodman's strategy for success as of late as the market has been overwhelmed with contending activity cameras. GoPro is as yet synonymous with the...
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The New Era of Digital Currency is Here So have you purchased any cryptocurrency yet? Cryptocurrency is not new, however its popularity is increasing daily throughout the world. The basic concept that drives crypto is the users ability to spend money and make transaction almost instantly without the use of a bank. The added ability that all countries around the world can move to a currency not backed by a government but rather by the blockchain. The emergence of not just Bitcoin but alternative ...
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Protecting Yourself Online in 2017

Protecting Yourself Online in 2017
The online world has many different types of dangers, and although you may not be exposed to all of them, it is important to protect yourself. Identity Theft The most common danger is having your id or information stolen. This type of identity theft is happening at an increasingly alarming rate. The first preventative step is to prevent publicly putting out any personal information. Anything which could be used to identify you. Some passwords can be reset by answering “security questions” – thin...
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Snapchat IPO

Snapchat IPO
Possibly even greater than inside the typical debate over tech agency IPOs , evaluations are cut up on whether or not Snapchat's stocks are well worth buying in its initial public imparting and whether it will show a healthy and lasting public employer. The answer to the primary query will come on Wednesday, whilst Snapchat is anticipated to close its first inventory sale to the general public. If figure corporation Snap Inc. Does begin lifestyles as a public business enterprise at the proper fo...
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with manufacturing and design of intelligent machines. One of the major difference between human beings and machine is intelligence as machines can not function on their freewill. Machines have always needed human control or human programming in order to function.  Artificial intelligence is a very broad topic with many new uses being invented everyday. The office environment is usually filled with human and technologic...
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