Bulldog Battlefield Weaponry


BULLDOG: A MILITARY BIG DOG Early this week I wrote about the new robotic pack animal Big Dog. I have just found out that there is a military version called BullDog! It certainly is a bigger, scarier version that will be on the battle field. BullDog, like BigDog, is designed to carry hundreds of pounds of gear for armed forces, ambling over rough terrain and following humans without complaint. The larger version will carry 400 pounds, last 24 hours and carry enough fuel for a 20-mile trek. It will also be able to jump over obstacles, and more easily regain its footing after it falls over. BullDog will also have greater navigational autonomy than BigDog, IEEE says. The most significant change may be that it’s significantly quieter than BigDog, which is quite obnoxiously, buzzingly loud.

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