Anyone who has seen the classic movie Terminator has most likely wondered if such cyborgs could potentially be created. While there is already the potential for  software and hardware that could become self-learning, the question remains as to whether or not we have the power to develop cyborgs that could turn on, disregard, and even attack the creator. Even if this was possible, could we really make them power themselves forever with “micro-nuclear” technology, as well as making them capable of having nearly indestructible body armor?

While cyborgs are pretty much a fantasy world at this point, we do know that we have the ability to create a robot that learns from its actions and mistakes. Japan has already invented several machines that are able to learn from their surrounding and their actions, and can put that information to good use when making future decisions. We also know that when it comes to motion, it’s fairly simple, by today’s standards, to create a piece of equipment that has full range of motion. However, one of that faults that we still face today is the ability to control things such as how tightly a cyborg would grip something, like an aluminum can, without crushing it.

What about the ability for a cyborg to replicate itself, or evolve into a newer type of cyborg. One of the biggest drawbacks that the success of the cyborg faces is that it does not know how to build its own kind. Since it can’t learn to do so, we’d have to teach it to have that ability. Additionally, the cyborg would never figure out how to develop materials that would make it stronger or more advanced, since it only knows what it can learn from. This would also make it difficult for them to evolve, like the natural process of humans over time. In short, the cyborg has no actual way of adapting to Darwinism.

While we can certainly develop advanced robots, they have no way to develop on their own, even if they can learn from their actions. Without an initial action to trigger every little thing, a cyborg would have no way to come up with its own ideas. This could be something that is developed in the near future, but for now, we need to face the fact that the human brain is simply far too powerful to be replicated into a machine.

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