JavaScript offers dynamic and interactive features to a website. Several of the things JavaScript allows is responsive development, validation of forums, animations, slideshows, and much more. Many of JavaScripts advantages such as fewer server interactions, immediate user feedback, and increased interactivity. With the inclusion of JavaScript, your website can compete with some of today’s most visited websites.

Becoming A Front End Developer This video will highlight some of the important skills and language you should learn to become a front end developer in 2022. In this video I highlight popular programming languages such as: 0:00 Into to “Becoming A Front End Developer”0:49 HTML2:10 CSS (Bootstrap, CSS Grid, Font Awesome)3:35 JavaScript (Angular, React, jQuery, Vue)6:05 Version Control …

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JavaScript: Part 9 – Data Types

JavaScript offers several different data types for programmers to store information. These popular JavaScript data types include numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, objects and null. This tutorial will offer more insight into JavaScript and the different types of data. 0:00 Data Types Introduction 0:26 Numbers 1:50 Strings 3:17 Boolean 4:20 Arrays and Objects 4:35 Data Types …

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JavaScript: Part 8 – Scripts and Principles

JavaScript is the programming language for HTML and the web. This tutorial will cover many of the principle rules and features of the JavaScript programming language. It will also cover using JavaScript script tags in your HTML. 0:00 Scripts and Principles Introduction 1:20 JavaScripts Scripts 1:50 Variables 2:20 Strings 2:32 Numbers 3:07 Naming Variables 3:30 …

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JavaScript Frameworks: Overview

JavaScript frameworks are used in developing standard website applications. The popular JavaScript frameworks including Vue, Angular, React and more. 0:00 JavaScript Frameworks Overview 1:14 Vue JS 1:37 React 1:58 jQuery 2:26 Angular 3:10 JavaScript Frameworks Wrap-up These JavaScript frameworks are powering some of the internet’s latest progressive web applications. The team at Final Web Design …

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Vue JS: Overview

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. This video should provide a better understnading of the Vue JS website application framework. This video should help provide a better understanding of the Vue JS framework. 0.00 Vue Overview 1:05 What you need for Vue 1:52 What is Vue 2:30 …

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JavaScript: Part 5 – Commenting

This is the fifth part of our JavaScript tutorial series. In this tutorial, we will review commenting and making single and multi-line comments in JavaScript. JavaScript is a powerful front-end programming language that brings interactivity to your website and browsers. Be sure to follow these tutorials to learn and improve your JavaScript programming skills. Find …

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