Top Programming Languages and Technologies for 2020

What are our thoughts on the Top Programming Languages and Technologies for 2020? This is a question we often get, and the answer may vary depending on who you ask, however here are the top languages you should learn for 2020.

0:00 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 Introduction
0:26 JavaScript
1:29 Python
2:10 Java / Kotlin
3:00 Swift
3:43 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 Conclusion

1) JavaScript (Vue, React and Angular)

JavaScript remains the number one programming language for 2020. So many technologies are built of the JavaScript language that learning JS for 2020 is a solid skill to have with a decent number of jobs available.

2) Python

One of the leading programming languages and growing, Python is being incorporated in more and more data and A.I. related projects. Learning Python will ensure you are ready to take on many of the famous and in-demand jobs available.

3) Java and Kotlin

Coming in at number 3 is Java and Kotlin. These languages continue to be popular in 2020 because they are being used heavily for application and back-end development.

4) Swift

Finally, I would say to learn Swift as the fourth most crucial programming language to learn in 2020. Companies still look for native Apple application development and should be a language that continues to grow in 2020.

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