4G Telestra is Still Lightning Fast

4G Telestra

Telstra continues to break the internet speed barrier on 4G mobile devices. iPhone 5’s 4G wireless broadband is faster than ever thanks to Telstra’s lightning-fast network. With more than twice the coverage of its nearest Australian rival, Telstra is growing in popularity among 4G mobile devices that are being introduced to today’s market. Now available in more than 100 metro markets in Australia, Telstra encompasses more than 40% of the country’s population.

Enjoying phenomenal growth, Telstra is expanding its services to include more than 1,000 4G-enabled tower sites over the next year. That’s great news for Telstra customers who have decided to upgrade from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. Telstra’s advertised speeds are reported to be as much as 20 to 40 MBps. By comparison to Telstra’s closest rival with reported speeds of no more than 20 MBps. The up-and-coming carrier also enjoys faster upload speeds.

This makes Telstra the logical choice as your carrier if your internet usage includes the downloading of sizable spreadsheets, and email attachments. Although Telstra is not yet ubiquitous, its ambitious expansion plans make them a carrier to deal with making 100% coverage a reality in the near future in its home continent. Currently, major smartphone and Android players such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple’s iPhone 5 are offering their new mobile devices with Telstra as the carrier. One problem that Telstra needs to overcome is the inconsistency in services depending on location. But, for Telstra, that’s just one more hurdle to overcome. Already, Telstra is overhauling internal processes to keep its competitive edge. Telstra is making speed to market a priority as it experiences a discernible cultural change making Telco more flexible in order to maintain its competitive edge. But as other carriers will attest, cultural change can be the greatest business challenge of all.

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