Nintendo Rises Again


It comes to most people as a surprise that once again Nintendo has become a commonly heard name. With the recent release of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has done what no company before has, incorporated augmented reality into the world of video games. Here is a brief breakdown of augmented reality and the future role it will play in the gaming world.

Augmented Reality

Since the dawn of video gaming, companies have always strived to provide users with a more inclusive an exciting experience. With the release of Pokemon Go users are now combining video games with the real world. The real excitement behind Pokemon Go is that this is just the first step for gaming and augmented reality.

Augmented reality has the ability to completely redefine the video game experience. Up until now most gaming had to be done with a remote control, here people are actually engaging in the gaming world themselves. We are excited to see the direction video games are headed with this new augmented reality technology.


Nintendos Legacy

Nintendo has long been a leader in the gaming world, but for several years now Nintendo has struggled to remain a leader in the industry, losing a significant amount of its users to both Sony and Microsoft.

The release of Pokemon Go had brought the Nintendo name back into daily conversations. Give Pokemon Go a try and see how augmented reality is leading the gaming industry into a completely new era of gaming.

Nintendo Gaming

Be sure to give Pokemon Go a chance, if simply for the chance to try the future gaming technology. It goes without saying that augmented reality is here to stay and that it will continue to develop more and more into our everyday lives. Download the Pokemon Go app now with your smartphone and give the game a try, were sure you’ll enjoy the experience!

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