SMART Strategies For SMARTphones

Smartphone Strategies

Memory has suddenly become a hot topic when it comes to selecting the latest crop of mobile devices. Smart phones are now being put to work for a lot of heavy lifting in data transmission and expanded functionality. Until recently, such tasks were reserved for desktops and IT networks. Consumers are concerned that the available models will be equipped with sufficient memory to accommodate an individual’s current and future storage needs.

The reason for the concern stems from an astounding increase in smart phone applications that require additional memory. Issues that are gobbling up memory include popular functions such as the device’s high pixel density cameras, photo editing software, MPV music players, gaming capabilities, GPS navigators and, of course, a portable video player. Also, let’s not forget the thousands of apps that users can select that encompass everything from receiving daily affirmations to medical diagnostics.

Never the less, when it comes to smart phone memory, one size does not fit all. In deciding what is best for your needs, consider that, depending on the device, additional memory can prove to be an expensive proposition. Take the iPhone 5 for an example. Adding 32 GB to the standard 16GB iPhone 5 will add $100 to the sales price. An addition of 64 GB will set you back another 100 bucks. That doubles the regular retail price to almost $400. Although it’s tempting to take the hit, consider that you may be paying for excess memory that you may never use.

Also, there are alternatives to costly upgrades. Many files that hog space, such as photos, music and video, don’t need to be stored on your smart phone. By better managing your file storage activities, you may find 16 GB to be more than enough to satisfy your memory needs. By adding an inexpensive external storage device, your smart phone can always do just fine un- encumbered by unnecessary memory-hungry files.

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