Worldwide Mobile Wars

Worldwide Mobile Wars

iEverywhere you look today, there are phone plans that are as low as $50 per month for unlimited texting and talking. In different countries around the world, many phone companies are competing against each other to provide the cheapest phone plans available to the public. In New Zealand, there is a phone company that is providing a monthly phone plan for as low as $19. If there were phone plans that low in America, many of the major phone companies would go out of business overnight, unless they would provide the same plans with the same amount of coverage they would provide if you were to pay the normal price.

In South Africa, the phone company, MTN, dropped their phone plans from $35 to $11, and $19 to only $6. If you tried to go to T-Mobile and ask for a plan that would only cost $6 a month, they would look at you as if you bumped your head. Taxes alone on your phone bill each month in America alone average about $6. In Europe, the French company, Free Mobile, is offering a $25 a month phone plan as well. The American phone companies aren’t buying it when it comes to cheap plans for consumers like these in other countries.

The goal for these cheap plans in these countries is to provide phone coverage for less than $30 a month. Many people are buying more smart phones than ever, but the majority of them cannot afford the services provided to them. These plans help consumers who are trying to budget their money in many ways. These companies are providing these low plans so they can have a large client base using their phone plans. The only companies in America that are trying to carry low payment plans include T-Mobile and Metro PCS. The other companies feel as though they would lose too much money and not make a profit for the services provided.

If there is a company that can come to America and provide plans for cellular users for under $30 a month, many people would throw their old phones out the window, and switch to the company that is giving them the best deal. This mobile war will continue for a long time, as long as there is a demand for low payment plans for those who use phones on a daily basis.

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