Are You Being Monitored At Work

Monitored At Work

If you are the type of person that likes to check on your friend’s status on Facebook every five minutes, or even play games on your computer at work, then you should be aware of the extra set of eyes that are watching you. Even though your boss is not around, he/ she may have software installed in your computer that can monitor every move you make while on your computer at work. In today’s work place, more employers are now installing software that enables them to monitor their employees at work. This can be beneficial at times because most employers these days do not want workers that are not doing their job, and if they can eliminate the ones who are not willing to work, then this creates a less stressful environment for others. Over half of employers are using these techniques to monitor their workers in today’s work place. Time is money for most business owners, so you do not want someone using the computer for their own personal use.

Some software that enables employers to monitor their employees work includes LogMeIn, SpyAgent, Silent Watch, etc. These monitoring programs enable users to see what their employees are during their work hours. You can usually tell if someone is using one of these programs if the employer decides to log in. With the LogMeIn software, the monitor that the employee is using becomes faded, and you can see the employer move his or her mouse on the screen. You can also tell is you are being monitored by looking at the icons at the bottom of your computer. If there is an unusual icon that has one of the software names on it, then chances are you are being monitored. However, most monitors do not change its look because there are some programs out there that the employer can use without you even knowing that they are logged online with you as well.

Do not try to uninstall the software from your pc because that could lead to termination from your job. Also, try to stay away from checking personal emails and social media sites at work. This will only make you look as if you are not a reliable person at work. Overall, monitoring devices in the workforce is becoming a huge trend in the work place today.

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