How Much Does a Website Cost?

Anyone who has worked on a website in the past may have asked themselves how much does a website cost? Any business looking to create a stronger online presence may also ask the same thing. The truth is that websites, software, applications and other digital products can vary on several factors. This video will attempt to take a deeper look into the questions “How Much Does a Website Cost?”.

0:00 How Much Does a Website Cost Introduction
0:29 Hight & Low End Customers
0:58 Website Pricing Packages (Landing Page, Redevelopment, eCommerce)
1:40 Website Features (Pages, Sliders, Mobile, Videos, Technology, etc)
2:34 Pricing
3:25 eCommerce Projects
4:54 WordPress & Web Platforms
5:40 You Are Worth Higher Prices!
7:29 Website Assets (Logos, Videos, Images, etc.)
8:40 Always Keep Your Client Happy
9:30 Offer Additional Services (Marketing, SEO, Hosting, etc.)
10:05 How Much Does a Website Cost Conclusion

You can view this video on our YouTube page at If you are interested in building a new customized website contact the Final Web Design team on our contact form or call (888) 674-7779.

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