Saving Computer's Oldest Friend

Saving Computer's Oldest Friend

The venerable keyboard has not received the respect it deserves as the workhorse of all peripheral computer equipment. Its history can be traced back to the 1870’s with the introduction of the tele-printer devices used to transmit stock market information. Today, the keyboard remains the most used device directly interacting with a computer. Keyboards endure the most physical demands placed on any device. Yet it functions reliably even after hundreds of thousands of unrelenting keystrokes.

Keyboards also experience a very high mortality rate at the hands of its operators. How many times have we drowned our keyboards through a carelessly placed coffee mug or water bottle? In spite of our efforts to resuscitate with paper towels and file fanning, it usually ends up DOA in the supply closet along with the other malfunctioning keyboards.

However, thanks to the efforts of Logictech, there is a chance that people and keyboards can co-exist with a completely washable model that’s guaranteed to keep functioning in spite of the most liquid of spills. Logitech’s Keyboard K310 is specifically engineered to take a dunking and keep on running. In fact it can be submerged into eleven inches of water and come out of it functioning like new. The device is equipped with a series of drainage holes located in the back. The letters and numbers are laser printed and UV coated to assure that they are not removed as a result of many washings.

Ergonomically, the device is configured with the familiar layout and enjoys a traditional design. With the annual office party upon us, this might be the perfect occasion to introduce it to your klutzy co-worker and you can re-gift the spill-proof mug. Logitech is retailing the durable device for under $40.

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