Computer hardware refers to the physical components that make up a computer system, including the electronic and mechanical parts. These components include the central processing unit (CPU), memory (RAM), storage devices (such as hard drives or solid-state drives), input devices (such as keyboards or mice), output devices (such as monitors or printers), and various other components that enable the computer to function.

The CPU, also known as the processor, is the “brain” of the computer that executes instructions and performs calculations. RAM, or random access memory, is the temporary storage area that the CPU uses to store data and instructions as it processes them. Storage devices provide a more permanent means of storing data, such as documents, music, and photos, while input devices allow users to input data and commands into the computer, such as typing on a keyboard or clicking a mouse. Output devices display or provide access to the results of computer processing, such as showing images on a monitor or printing a document.

Computer hardware can vary in terms of performance, speed, and capacity, depending on the intended use and user requirements. Advances in technology continue to drive improvements in computer hardware, making it faster, smaller, and more powerful.


The Chromebook You Can Touch

Last week, Google rolled out its much anticipated Chromebook Pixel laptop with the intent to impress. Early response to the high-resolution touch screen and powered by an Intel Core i5 processor has been very positive. Google’s new Chromebook Pixel laptop enjoys features such as 12.85-inch touch- sensitive employing Corning’s latest Gorilla glass screen technology for …

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Fun Found at CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show is known for showcasing fun and unique inventions ranging from the superfluous to the essential. Here are three new inventions that were introduced at the show in Las Vegas this year. Perhaps you’ll find them to be enhancements to your life or more junk to clutter your drawers. You be the …

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It’s Time To Save

Due to tight control over its distribution channels and uniform product pricing policies, Apple enjoys the marketing advantage of never having to deeply discount its product line. However, there are shopping strategies that can realize sizable discounts if you are willing to do a little homework and exercise a little patience. Check out these discount …

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