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There’s Still Plenty of Life Left in Those Old Macs

There’s Still Plenty of Life Left in Those Old Macs

Before you trash your old Mac, check out these tips to rejuvenate it. The suits from Silicon Valley are constantly pushing consumers to replace old computers with the latest model that we simply can’t live without. But, very often, those older systems are perfectly adequate to satisfy most of our computer tasks. Sometimes, all that an aging Mac needs is a hi-tech facelift to bring it back to a high state of functionality.

The most common complaint voiced about older computers is that they slow down with age. Most of the time, this is caused by errors embedded into the O/S system. The errors are caused by greater memory demands placed on the system by today’s software. However, there is an easy fix to restore speed and expand memory for a lot less than the cost of a new computer. Although newer Macs do come equipped with the spiffy quad core i7 processors, the Core 2 Duo chips found in the older Macs function just fine with most of today’s software and applications given it is equipped with the proper amount of memory.

Sufficient memory is the most important factor in running new applications on an older Mac. This can be addressed by installing more RAM into the system. Older models came equipped with 4GB of RAM. However, in order to run more applications, it may be necessary to add 8 or even 16 GB. This can be accomplished by purchasing an exterior drive that will supplement and expand the memory of the existing internal drive. A memory upgrade should only set you back around $40 to $100 depending on the amount of added memory you wish to have. Contact your local Apple store and the staff will be happy to accommodate you in breathing new life into your old Mac without killing your budget.

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