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Drupal: Overview

An overview video on Drupal and several of the features the CMS offers. Drupal has established itself as one of the most popular CMS platforms available. This tutorial will offer a better understanding of what Drupal is and some of the popular features this CMS (Content Management System) offers. 0:00 Drupal Overview 0:33 Who Uses Drupal 0:42 Why Use Drupal 1:13 Drupal Website 1:55 Drupal CMS 2:21 Drupal Admin 2:40 Drupal Backend Features 4:13 Drupal Wrapup Check out our website at  https://Fina...
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Drupal: Download, Installation and Setup

Drupal is a powerful CMS platform that is used by schools, government and business websites on the internet. This tutorial will cover how to download, install and setup Drupal on your local hosting or server. 0:00 Drupal Download 1:49 Drupal Upload to Hosting 2:40 Extract Drupal on Hosting 4:24 Drupal CMS Setup 5:29 Drupal Database Setup 7:49 Drupal CMS Installation 9:31 Drupal Site Configuration Installation 10:48 Drupal Site Overview & Wrap-up

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