Rekindling For the Better

Rekindling For the Better

Last year, YouTube undertook a major re-design in an effort to attract new users and entice past users who have strayed from the popular video sharing site. In addition to sprucing up the color palette and improving graphics, YouTube enhanced functionality as well. In addition to integrating Google+ to the mix, it made it much easier to add subscriber channels.

The more recent upgrades involved more subtle additions to its functionality that is making a big difference in creating a more user-friendly environment. Changes include the re-positioning of video titles and letting the channel guide follow your activity as you traverse the site. The prompt “suggests” video channels in which the visitor may have an interest in pursuing based on past browsing activity. The purpose of the prompt is to demonstrate how easy it is to subscribe to multiple channels for a more rewarding YouTube experience.

As with so many platforms today, users are encouraged to access YouTube regardless of what device is being employed. Users can now transport YouTube to any platform. The guide will inform users of any new videos that are available to them and recommends which friends may have a shared interest in the video content. Unlike most pop-ups which people find more of an annoyance than a help, the guide’s design is less intrusive and more accessible. Its user-friendliness is less distracting and is available when the user decides to access the prompt.

YouTube won’t divulge how many of its 800 million fans subscribe to channels. It will only say that, since last year’s improvements, subscriptions have doubled. YouTube did indicate that subscriptions have more than doubled since the introduction of the tweaks last year. It’s believed that the more recent redesign efforts have increased subscriptions by an additional 30%.

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