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Kickstarter Takes the Platform Lion’s Share

Kickstarter is the leading online funding platform for aspiring project creators seeking a financial sugar daddy. Each month, 10’s of thousands of potential Investors contribute seed money for promising projects that interest them. Since 2009, more than $500 billion has been pledged to finance more than 35,000 creative and business projects. The Kickstarter investors have …

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What’s Your Persona?

We’ve all belatedly accepted that social media networking has exposed much of our lives to public scrutiny. Now, our social media habits are being examined to ascertain our online persona, warts and all. Imagine encountering all of your social contacts at a party. As you observe their interaction with each other, patterns of behavior begin …

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The Power of Influence

Defining social media influence is like trying to quantify feelings. It lacks a baseline formula that can be applied to determining ROI. However, a sound understanding of how social media can be deployed to “influence” consumer decisions goes a long way in articulating its value. In spite of its often incalculable value, social media is …

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It’s All About Timing

After Google’s announcement of the “Glass Project” back in early 2012, even Google-phials expressed some skepticism in exactly how people could make the optical device a center-piece for like-minded Google fans. Google chose to pull no stops in promoting “Project Glass” during the sneak preview. The compact device consists of a camera,… and that’s about …

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Which Path Are You On

In a land where a few social networks dominate the landscape, it’s refreshing to encounter a new, more personalized approach to social networking. While Facebook represents Wal-Mart of social sites, Path takes a more personal, softer Mayberry-like experience for users. Path encourages to subscribers to essentially build a platform of memories that, in one way …

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Decades to Come

In the early days of social media development, many marketers dismissed the innovative platforms as a flash in the pan that would soon be little more than a passing fad. Now marketers are terrified of not having a presence in the three social network leviathans: Facebook, Twitter and the new kid on the block, Google+. …

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Join Your Community

Google has recently rolled out its new Google+ Communities, a platform for both private and public group who can congregate among themselves to discuss topics of mutual interest such as sports, video games, neighborhood gossip…you name it. The new feature supports Google’s desire to employ the internet to create real world interaction among fans. The …

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Breathing New Life

It looked like MySpace’s future was about to end on a sour note. Yet, Specific Media’s recent acquisition of the file sharing music platform has MySpace singing a different tune. News Corp sold MySpace to Specific Media for a bargain basement price of $35 Million. Seven years ago, News Corp shelled out more than six …

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