Keyword Research & Optimization Services

Keyword Content Research

When considering SEO keywords that you’d like to target, take your time. You will find that some keywords can be challenging to rank. Before you start any keyword-based campaign, you’ve got to use an in-depth keyword research strategy to properly plan out your tactic and make sure that you get maximum rankings with as little cost as possible and as high of a conversion rate as possible. Keyword research might seem like a distinct task, but it can often take several days to complete when done correctly. Keywords that people search for have long-tail variations, or keywords consisting of 3-5 individual words that, believe it or not, search for much more than you think. These long-tail keywords are often attributed to people who are deeper within their research funnel and are much closer to making a purchasing decision than you might think.

Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Optimization

One of the main ways to access keyword research is to use the keyword tool within the Google Adwords interface. This tool gives you a high-level look at search volume for particular keywords and the amount of competition that you can expect to find from others who are using paid search strategies within their campaign.

Additionally, there are several other tools available that give you a more specific look at how others utilize particular keywords to their advantage. With the right tools, you find what text people are using on their websites, what ad text people are using when they target those keywords, and how much of a specific budget is being put towards any particular keyword. This gives you the upper hand in your research and allows you to plan your marketing budget more accurately than you previously may have thought.

Leaving keyword research until after your SEO and paid search tactics are implemented could be detrimental to your marketing budget, and easily double your workload as you re-plan your strategy. During the initial stage, we try to understand your goals and objectives. It also involves the analysis of your website and leading competitors, resulting in an SEO action plan that sets the campaign’s strategy. Keyword research and the understanding of your website’s search positioning are among the crucial factors in assigning ranks to a website. That is why we analyze and put extensive efforts toward identifying keywords that offer maximum returns for your SEO investments. We will select only keywords that suit your website search positioning best.