Social Media: Decades to Come

Social Media

In the early days of social media development, many marketers dismissed the innovative platforms as a flash in the pan that would soon be little more than a passing fad. Now marketers are terrified of not having a presence in the three social network leviathans: Facebook, Twitter and the new kid on the block, Google+. What companies are finally figuring out is that it is not a “either/ or” marketing proposition. A sophisticated marketer understands that the role of the new social phenomenon combines traditional marketing programs with social media being employed to cement the branding efforts with a social re-enforcement message that intertwines the medium with the message.

The key to social network success is to develop a comprehensive approach that creates a symbiotic relationship between sound internet marketing strategies and a balanced approach to social media tactics. This is accomplished by mastering the myriad tools that social networks have to offer. For example, Facebook offers business pages that permit businesses to take advantage of an arsenal of tools that helps hit the mark. Many businesses are hiring specialists who are trained to keep the pulse on social trends and provide a wealth of competitive intelligence aimed at assessing the competition’s successes and failures.

Hashtags provide a great way to zero in on the markets that have expressed an interest in your target audience and to determine future trends that could provide valuable information on developing interests that could be the next big trend. Twitter offers an array of helpful tools designed to distribute press releases, market their products and announce special promotions and introduce new content.

The best bang for your buck in Social network marketing is to know your business and understand your potential audience. Then let the power of the internet take care of the rest.

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