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yucasabe-fwd.jpg – The Casaba Cracker for Healthy Eating

Flatbread has taken the world by storm, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Just because the bread has no yeast within it, doesn’t mean that’s simply good for you. In ...
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newrootz-fwd.jpg – Traditional Formulas for the Modern World

Nutritional supplements are a dime a dozen these days. We’ve been through countless websites that have hundreds of products. While a few may have one or two positive effects, most ...
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lumiron-fwd.jpg – Quality LED Lighting

LED lighting has been around for decades, but it’s only been in the last several years that we have truly been able to grasp what it can do for lighting, ...
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Mom I Got A Job – Online Reference Letter Generator

While your experience may look good on paper, nothing says that you have the skills of any necessary trade for a prospective employer like your previous employment or mentors. Once ...
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Area Found – Find Local Shops, Dining and Services

There are lots of resources for finding local businesses in your area. From shops to dining, you’re always on the hunt for a new adventure. There are also plenty of ...
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One of Our 1st Videos! – Final Web Design

See one of the first videos made by Final Web Design. If you enjoy this video you can find more on our YouTube page or ...
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The Chromebook You Can Touch

Last week, Google rolled out its much anticipated Chromebook Pixel laptop with the intent to impress. Early response to the high-resolution touch screen and powered ...
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Graphic Design: Overview

All businesses large and small should realize the impact that quality graphic design, can have on the success of their company. When Final Web Design ...
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Shopify Follow-Up Call

Shopify Follow-Up Sales Call

This was a Shopify website sale follow-up call I did with a potential client who was looking to update their Shopify website. The potential client ...
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Logo Design: Vintage Makes The Come Back

Throughout the history of logo design and business signage, current trends of each era have dictated the look and feel of the image that is ...
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Bitcoin El Salvador

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in El Salvador

This video was created to highlight “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in El Salvador” and highlight my experiences using cryptocurrency in the country. 0:00 Bitcoin in El ...
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