A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is a science and engineering field that focuses on creating machines or robots that have their own understanding of intelligence. A.I. is an evolving science that continues to play a more important role in our lives every year.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with manufacturing and design of intelligent machines. One of the major difference between human beings and machine is intelligence as machines can not function on their freewill. Machines have always needed human control or human programming in order to function. Artificial intelligence is a very broad topic …

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Jumping Spiderbot

When it comes to deciding on a form of locomotion for their creations, roboticists have plenty of options to choose from. While many go for the tried and tested tank-like tracks or wheels, nature is also a veritable treasure trove of inspiration. That’s just where Fraunhofer researchers have turned with a new eight-legged robot modeled …

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