Instagram is home to millions of personal and business accounts you can connect with. Instagram is a free social media outlet that will allow your business to present products, services, specials, promotions, events, and much more. Instagram gives your business the ability to use hashtags, which are searchable keywords that allow people interested in your products to find you easily.


Benefits of Instagram Marketing

You may have heard about businesses using Instagram for marketing their businesses. Millions of people and businesses are finding success through the Instagram social media outlet. Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most powerful modern-day options for promoting your products or services. Here are some of the top benefits for marketing on Instagram and why you need to incorporate […]

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Instagram Alternatives: Photo Sharing Elsewhere

As of January 16, Instagram officially activated its new terms of service to the consternation of its disenfranchised members. As a result, photo buffs are abandoning ship faster than an exiting audience at a Jerry Lewis movie retrospective. The cause for the wholesale desertion was triggered by Instagram’s claim to having selling rights to everyone’s

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Instagram Gives Shutterbugs Photo-sharing Social Platform

Instagram fans can now share their photos with friends through a profile page based on the Facebook Timeline model. The popular photo- editing platform  gives users the opportunity to display their photos on their own page along with a personal bio. The photos are displayed as a collage of recent photos that can be easily

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