SSL pages or Secure Sockets Layer pages are an encryption technology that was developed several years ago to better secure data on the internet. The idea of SSL encryption is to create a secure channel for sensitive information to be transmitted via the web. This prevents allowing anyone to follow or steal your data in the process. SSL pages are most often used for eCommerce, but are increasingly being incorporated into banking data, credit card companies, and everyday websites that retain user data. It is advisable that all websites are developed with SSL encryption.

Steps To Protect Your Website

Steps To Protect Your Website

Protecting a website involves implementing various security measures to safeguard it against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Here are some important steps you can take to enhance the security of your website: Use strong and unique passwords: Ensure that all user accounts on your website have strong and unique passwords. Encourage users to choose complex passwords […]

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SSL Certificates

Without SSL to protect us, online eCommerce and the transfer of sensitive information like social security numbers probably wouldn’t exist. When we transmit or send information over the web without SSL, that data is visible to every user that’s looking for the information, which can lead to someone compromising privacy. 0:00 SSL Certificates 0:35 What

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