Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology

We’ve heard about facial recognition technology for a while now, but still there is a lot of research going on in the field. Facial recognition technology has come a long way and scientists have been working on face recognition system since the 1960’s. Humans have always had this inherent ability to distinguish people by their faces, and now even computers have this characteristic. A simple form of facial recognition technology is utilized by digital cameras. Cameras are now constructed with software that utilizes this technology. Many cell phones and laptops also contain a simple form of facial recognition system as their security password.

Let us find out the various features and advantages of facial recognition technology.

  1. The cameras used for most facial recognition technology is responsive from about a meter away.
  2. With recent advancements this technology is being accepted worldwide. Many improvements are being made and various features are being added to improve its functionality and to broaden its scope.
  3. The technology can be used in official documents as a verification proof like driving license or passport to reduce criminal activities originating by the production of fake documents.
  4. The face recognition technology is being used to utilized and authorize money transactions instead of using PIN numbers or signature which can be forged easily.
  5. Facial recognition systems can be used in various companies for regulating their attendance systems. This would completely discourage the employees, who swipe the cards in and out of their friends to mark their attendance or even swipe their cards either early or late to complete the fixed number of hours in office.
  6. Facial recognition technology can be used to unlock the android or other smart phones by using facial unlock software.

To sum up the advantages of this new technology, It can be said that it is just a matter of some time when a facial recognition technology system would be integrated into other systems and look beyond security point of view. Imagine a time, when you would walk up to an ATM machine and it recognizes you by face without entering the pin.

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