Mobile Device Frenzy: Differentiating Usage Between Smart Phones and Tablets

Driving the Mobile Device Frenzy

Driving the mobile device frenzy: differentiating usage between smartphones and tablets. As smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous, marketers are curious as to which device is being used and for what application. The tsunami of mobile device usage sweeping the planet has created a revolution in how people communicate, work and play. Smartphones and tablets have heavily influenced the way in which we conduct business, shop, socialize and manage information. The devices have become so prolific that, increasingly, users have more than one type of device at their disposal. Marketers are now asking a tantalizing set of questions: Who are using which device and for what purpose? The demographics tell an interesting story.

A research study conducted by Flurry Analytic reveals some surprising results. Tablets are fast becoming as popular as smartphones at work and play. Yet the functional usage of these devices is not the same. The study found that a big factor in usage differentiation is determined by age groups. The average smartphone user, for example, is age 30 while tablet users weigh in with an average age of 34. Nearly 75% of smartphone users average age of 34 or younger while 66% of tablet users are 25 or older. The study also revealed that more men are smartphone users compared to women. Yet the ratio of male users to females for tablets comes out about even.

Interestingly, the findings revealed that usage of both devices increases as the day wears on. The heaviest usage occurs as evening approaches. However, at that time, tablets spike much higher as the evening progresses. This may be explained by the fact that games and entertainment activities are more popular in the evening hours and tablets are the preferred device for thought pursuits. The study was based on an analysis covering more than 6 million app sessions covering 500 million smartphones and tablets.

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