Analytics refers to the collection, measurement, analysis, and interpretation of data and statistics in order to gain insights into various aspects of a business, organization, or website. In the digital context, analytics typically involves tracking and analyzing user behavior and engagement on a website, mobile app, or other digital platform.

Website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or Matomo (formerly Piwik), track and report various metrics such as the number of visitors, page views, bounce rate, session duration, traffic sources, conversion rate, and more. This data can help businesses understand how their website is performing, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and achieve business objectives.

Web analytics can also be used to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, track social media engagement, monitor website security, and identify potential issues or opportunities for improvement. By analyzing the data collected through web analytics, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their website and digital marketing efforts, improve user experience, and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions.


Google Analytics: Why you should be using website Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best resources to analyze website traffic. By learning how to use this tool, you can view a detailed breakdown of your audience, traffic patterns (search engine referrals), and consequently market your site, product or brand in more proficient and successful ways. Most blogging or website platforms, like WordPress, Squarespace,

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Apps Need Intelligence Too

When evaluating app development, the primary considerations usually encompass a sound development strategy and fantastic design. However, an initiation of a competitive intelligence campaign can save time, money and wasted effort. A competitive analytics program delivers a concise snapshot of your competition’s strategic failures as well as their success stories.  Social networks have become an

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Google Analytics – Powerful Web Tools For Today’s Website

If you own a website for your company or brand, you need to make sure that you understand how your page is faring. In order to measure how people interact with your page, you’re going to need a suitable analytics program that gives you proper insight. In several cases, you could find yourself spending hundreds

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Reporting: A vital part of the Search Engine Optimization process

At the Final Web Design Client Center, you view the progress of your SEO campaigns through trend reports, keyword reports and rankings analysis of your projects across search engines in real-time. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of improving a website’s page rank and search engine visibility. Search engines such as Google, Microsoft Bing

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