Travel is the ability to move around the world and visit different countries and regions around the globe. The ability to travel can improve a your knowledge of the world and let a person experience different languages, foods and cultures. Travel has increased over the last few years with the opportunity to work remote and live in different regions of the world while working for a company in a different region of the world.

Update Video: Website Design and Development

This video is to address the lack of videos being uploaded in the past month. Between travel, family, girlfriend and work I have been extremely busy and not editing and uploading videos. Many of the reasons are exampled in this video. 0:00 Update Video Introduction 0:53 3:08 Client Projects 5:44 Travel, Family and Girlfriend …

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Google’s New Upgrade Makes Translate the Perfect Travel Companion App

Google’s new upgrade makes Translate the perfect travel companion app. The translation service now utilizes a “smarter” dictionary. Parlez-vous français? With the upgrades offered in the Google Translate app, you can communicate with the panache of a life-long Parisian without having to worry about those pesky foreign language nuances. Never again will travelers in a …

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Boeing Dreamliner

Boeing Dreamliner Delivered to First Customer After three years of costly setbacks and scary failed test flights, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner finally made its debut on Sunday when it was delivered to its first Japanese customer. Boeing has orders for 821 of these Dreamliners, which fly 52 percent farther than the all-metal 767 aircraft they’re …

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