The Battle – Apple Vs. Samsung

Apple Vs Samsung

Here’s one that should keep you turning your head to the side in confusion for quite some time. Apple has yet again decided to take Samsung to court for what is allegedly the copying of the iPad designs. While patents are there to protect the corporations and their inventions, the case is anything but open and shut, and this one could go on forever. Thankfully, the judge in the case has made it clear that each side will only have 25 hours to present their case. There is no definite ruling on patent cases, as it seems every judge has their own outlook on what should be considered a breach of patent.

Apple is contesting that ever since the invention of the iPhone and the iPad, that Samsung has completely copied the overall design and feel to both their units as well as the operating system that comes along with it. We’re not going to argue that fact too much, as the one bulky Samsung phones have certainly taken a striking similarity to the iPhone. What we can say is that the Samsung isn’t exactly like the iPhone, and the technology has got to be quite different here. Apple is also claiming that copying the iPad has led them to lose potentially billions of dollars in revenue, which has obviously gone to Samsung in the process.

Our main problem with Apple’s case is that there is always going to be competition when one company invents something that changes the world. Remember when Facebook was released? We didn’t see MySpace running after them with court orders. And while MySpace may be all but defunct at this point, we wonder if they may have had a case against them.

Additionally, Apple didn’t invent the first ever handheld tablet. Bill Gates actually presented something several years before, but it completely flopped. Put something similar in the hands of Steve Jobs, and the world goes nuts over it.

Similarities between products, in our eyes anyway, is all part of the friendly game of competition. While we haven’t seen Samsung revolutionize the world in any way, shape, or form, we do know that such a thing keeps Apple on their toes, and that may just be what helps Apple step away from the competition in the first place. We can’t say how we think this one will turn out, but a ruling in favor of Apple could change the tech world as we know it.

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