Call to Action: Take the Right Action

Call to Action

A “Call to Action” is the very essence of sales. For centuries, the tactic has been in use by businesses ranging from fish mongers to car lots. Today, marketers can effectively employ calls-to-action on the internet with powerful messages that encourage consumers to truly “Act now!”. Today, the ”action” is completed with the swipe of the hand or by a gentle tap of a touch screen. A call to action is all about creating a sense of urgency for the customer. The tools used on web pages to assure a top-of-mind viewer responses are the key to success. Unfortunately, these tried and true elements are often overlooked by webmasters who are more fixated on content, SEO and other design considerations.

Calls-to-Action opportunities in the age of the internet offer an arsenal of weapons with which to entice a customer into action. The form in which a call-to-action can take shape includes offers to subscribe to a free email, to register for a discount or to participate in a contest. Since a call-to-action relies heavily physiological and sub-conscious processes, every element must be carefully thought through. Language plays a major roll in customer motivation. Action words that convey urgency need to be highlighted throughout the content. Phrases like “CALL NOW!!”, “Order HERE!” or “Learn more Now” are good examples of call to action slogans.

Link buttons incorporating such slogans will drive the visitor to the shopping cart or form requesting more customer information.

Color applications also optimizes the request for action. Use colors that are known to elicit a pro-active response. For example, the use of the color red is easily the most popular for inciting action. It is known to increase heart rate. Yellow is the first color that’s detected by the eye. Green conveys nature and goodwill. Blue, on the other hand soothes, but is generally not considered much of a motivating color.

Finally, an effective call-to-action is communicated clearly and with brevity. Don’t put too much minutia between the customer and the requested action. Integrate images such as graphic arrows and shapes which will help escort the visitor to a powerful call to action.

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