Facebook Mobile Gets MORE Hands On


iPad and iPhone users can now benefit from a new app that permits direct access to update your Facebook cover photo with the tap of a finger. The new iOS social networking update, version 5.6, is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The OS requires a 5.0 or later edition. All that is required to accomplish this task is to tap on the cover photo in the profile page and either choose a new photo from the library or snap a new self-portrait. Hit ‘save”, the photo will instantly appear on the cover page.

In addition to the new profile photo feature, version 5.6 also includes other features that help you maintain a fresh time-line. The iOS app update also assists in making group messages more user-friendly. It simplifies the method used to more easily create and manage group messages and conversations, keeping up with friends speedier than ever with. It’s a breeze to find out what your friends are up to and sharing videos and photo files is seamless and requires fewer taps to accomplish. The new app also notifies you when new arrive on your post. It permits text, chat and voice interaction. It can also be utilized for file sharing activities such as games or other favorite apps.

Facebook has been aggressive in staking it’s claim among the mobile app market in an effort to secure Facebook as the go to social platform of choice for iOS users. As social networks are quickly learning, the decline of PC is ushering a new era in mobile device usage and a new frontier for social media networks.

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