Web Design: Texture That Brings Meaning

Website Texture

With optimized graphics trending on the web, text content is giving way to more graphically oriented messaging. The new visual experimentation is giving designers an opportunity to create a new web experience for the viewer. Although the rule of thumb in web design is to keep page elements and colors neutral, texture can add a good deal to the desired message being portrayed. For example, a counter top manufacturer can employ a stone texture in its web design to give visitors a vicarious sense of what the stone finish might feel like on the hand. This pseudo-tactile experience can go a long way to engage the potential customer and become a visual reference to how the product might “feel” in his or her kitchen.

While rough stone texture may not work for a nursery furniture manufacturer, it might convey a relevant message for a business that wants to convey strength and security, such as a bank. Fabric textures may be appropriate for websites wanting to project softness and style. Such texture might be compatible with the coziness of a B and B or the elegance of a home design company. Depending on the nature of its texture, leather can elicit a range of feelings from a well worn sense of stability to a feeling of animal-like exuberance.

Wooden textures can capture images ranging form polished mahogany depicting exclusivity to aged antiquity. Very often, patinaed wood brings the viewer to a more soothing time in the past such as the weathered look of a vacation cottage in Cape Cod.

Properly executed, texture can set the tone for a rewarding web experience. That opens the door for more likely conversions. Now that’s a feeling a web designer can practically touch.

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