The Messaging Paradigm

Messaging Paradigm

A well designed visual can be worth a thousand words in your mobile messaging efforts. The latest advancements in mobile technology, such as the new Adobe flash platform,  has enabled developers to build smart phones and tablets with the ability to receive graphics through Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). Madison Ave perfected the art of influencing human behavior through powerful images which still are meticulously crafted to elicit optimum results. Today, that craft can be used to target a receptive mobile audience through these indisputably game-changing devices.

The phenomenal switch from feature phones to smart phones and tablets is dramatic. It has shifted the marketing paradigm for mobile marketers. Recent research has succinctly delineated how mobile device usage has established an audience that can no longer be ignored. Thanks to the latest mobile advancements, marketers have an opportunity to combine the delivery systems with powerful images that are absorbed into the unconscious in ways that are not accomplished by text alone.

MMS allows markets to deliver mobile devices messages in the form of bright graphics, videos that are designed to capture the recipient’s attention.  A well designed graphic can immediately set a tone and invite the viewer to learn more. Good clean graphics and compelling photos penetrate the subliminal mind more effectively than text and convey a message quickly and cleanly.

Another reason to make sure your visual gets delivered on a smart phone platform is the distinction between feature phone usage and smart phone users. A recent study conducted by Mogrett Research, revealed the following statistics;

  • 92% of smart phone users participate in text messaging compared to 59% for feature phone users.
  • 76% of smart phone users check their email while in transit verses only 10% of feature phone users.
  • Video and picture messaging traffic is up 36.5% over last year.

Visuals will continue to play a vital role in mobile media as busy consumers seek quick and memorable messaging from their mobile devices.

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