Twitter for Business

Twitter is the online social networking microblogging portal and according to data published, it has nearly 646 million registered users, out of which nearly 230 million are actively using the social network. It is increasingly important for business enterprises to use Twitter, as a means to promote their business. Twitter can be used by businesses as …

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Live Tweeting that Drives Conversation

As Twitter’s cultural and technical evolution continues, the dichotomy between its humble origins and it’s current role as a powerful marketing vehicle is becoming evident. The sophistication of social media marketing techniques that are now employed have evolved with the social platforms themselves. Designed initially as a simple micro-blogging tool, Twitter was developed to permit …

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Pulling out the Eraser

Tweeters are being challenged as they anticipate a reduced character count in their tweets. Twitter is preparing to shift from the current count of 140 characters per tweet to a paltry 118 characters. Beginning in February, tweets containing URL’s will be reduced to 118 characters. Http links will be punished with only 117 characters available. …

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